Southeast Levee Walk

Monday, September 05, 2005

Welcome to The Southeast Levee of Elmira, NY!

Labor Day I couldn't blog, so I grabbed a camera, a mutt (sorry Ellie), some dog yummies and headed to Brand Park, to search for the original Chemung River Fishing Access Site. It was cool and foggy, making it perfect weather for a shutterbug with Multiple Sclerosis. We went down to the riverfront and took plenty of time.

This walk can be approached from either Brand Park on Walnut Street, or Dunn Field on Luce Street. There are even a few place in between where a person can come from the dead-end roads and off-street accesses. So there is no need to overdo it, if you are disabled or elderly. Take your car and some walking shoes. Stay on the levee, and you'll be fine. The fishing access will let you drive right to the river itself.

Brand Park has been recently renovated in many ways and is clean and highly accessible. GrandDog fell in love immediately, rewarding me with a small packet to toss in the wastebin. Oh, yeah. Remember: Please pick up after your pup!

Little Pond

The walkway is new, clean and has many benches and some pottery-based trashbins. Terra Cotta is the color scheme, and it works very well, indeed. Posted by Picasa

Peeking over the levee

Looking back over the levee to Brand Park. The gazebo is new, too. Posted by Picasa

The Lake Street Bridge. The path through the park goes straight up it and over the river. Posted by Picasa

If you're walking the riverbank from the levee, watch for these huge holes. Guess it would be woodchuck or riverrats. All rather huge around here, and kinda cute when they sit in the sun munching. Not so nice are the riverrats in the nighttime, when I return from putting the Star-Gazette to bed. Posted by Picasa

"A misty, moisty morning." Can't remember what poem that was. Most summer mornings at the river are fogged in. Posted by Picasa

Can't see it here, but there's a childrens' playground among these trees. Looks nearly idyllic from the levee. Labor Day is silent in the morning. Posted by Picasa

Silent Public Pool

Here's the Brand Park pool. This summer was very short, due to construction and personnel problems. Let's hope we get our money's worth next summer. Posted by Picasa

Levee walkway

This striking colonnade must surely have survived the Flood of 1972. The trees are ancient and huge along the riverfront, more manicured inside the park itself. Posted by Picasa

Parkside homes

Lucky neighborhood touches on the park on the one side. Posted by Picasa

And on this side are the towers of various housing and health establishments. Posted by Picasa

Doesn't look like it, but the fog is finally lifting. My friends in the hills tell me the sun shines nearly every day over a densely fogged City of Elmira. Posted by Picasa

We took at least seven shots of these geese, but each step closer to them sent them farther and farther away. Guess they're just used to ruling the roost here, is all. Posted by Picasa

What is a cornfield doing in the middle of the City of Elmira?? Elmira Southside, that is. Well, that's the country sort of city she is. Posted by Picasa

Struck Gold

Finally!!! We came looking for this. I believe it's the first Fishing Access Site made available to the Elmira public. Go to RiverFest2005 to see some of the other sites. Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Dunn Field, home of the Elmira Pioneers. They are a bush league baseball team with a small, rabidly loyal, and hugely vocal, fanbase. Come visit with Stitches and eat hot dogs! Posted by Picasa

A family of fishermen are enjoying the Labor Day lull. Note the over-look parking area. Posted by Picasa

This is Ellie's second dip this morning. We are away from the fishermen and in our own little world. Posted by Picasa

This lovely greenery is actually an island. We could wade over with no problem today. Drought conditions are normal at the end of the Elmira summer. Posted by Picasa

Flood control basin

We head upriver to walk on the exposed rocks. If you come around in the spring, you won't see these rocks. Don't come on a rainy day: this is an active flood control area! Posted by Picasa

C'mon, Ellie, jump in! No go. She doesn't like the deep water here. GrandDog wants things laid out and safe when she's with me. Posted by Picasa

The electrical wires are our first return to reality. We are, after all, still within city limits. Posted by Picasa

It's startling to see the neighborhood so close after being so remote. Posted by Picasa

We are now headed home. It's amazing how unspoiled the view is from the levee. Not a sign of humanity. Posted by Picasa

From the one side we can see a very fertile flood plain. Lovely for growing crops, not so wonderful for our houses here. Posted by Picasa

And back to the City of Elmira. Now we are in full sun, and Ellie wants her snacks. Time to go home and feed her. Posted by Picasa